The Guilford Historical Society

Founded in 1973 the Guilford Historical Society is a membership group, whose purpose is to preserve for posterity items and places that serve as resources to study and interpret our community, its environment, and its people. Its museum, located in the original town hall, holds an extensive collection of written records, photographs, and historic objects. In addition, the Society owns and maintains the 1837 Universalist Meeting House and the Brick Guilford Center School House. These, along with the Broad Brook Community Center (formerly Broad Brook Grange) and the Guilford Free Library as well as several old houses, represent the core of the historic Guilford Center. But Guilford is made up of many neighborhoods and villages, each with a unique history to explore.

 The town has many more historic sites including four more churches, a covered bridge, a historic timber crib dam, numerous one-room schoolhouses, and farms that have been in existence since the first colonial settlers arrived at the end of the French and Indian War. There are even traces of the original inhabitants, believed to be members of the Sokoki tribe of the Western Abenakis. Through its programs, educational programs, publications, and celebrations the members of the society work to inform and inspire the wider community.

 Explore our site to learn more about what was once, in 1790, Vermont's largest town and how you can today, share in our activities.

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Board of Trustees

 Our Board of Trustees is the backbone of our organization and includes persons with varied interests and talents, a mix that compliments the tasks at hand, having a true love of history. We are a “working” Board to continue the running of the Museum functions, raising the funds necessary and truly having fun doing so. We, at present, do not have a “curator’ of such. As required, we have officers of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and a Secretary with other Board members serving as members usually in one, two, and three-year terms. Committees are assigned as needed for specific focuses or accomplishments. Often the work to be done is overlapping.


Executive Officers

Elections are annual and are held in October.

 The 2022 - 2023 Executive Officers: 

President ~ Richard Austin ~ Guilfordhistoricalsocietypres@gmail.com

Vice President - Erin Tkaczyk ~ guilfordhistoricalsocietyvp@gmail.com

Secretary ~ Carol Stack ~ info@guilfordhistorical.org

Treasurer ~ Scott Knickerbocker ~ guilfordhistoricaltreasurer@gmail.com

For General Inquires please email




Our historic meeting house needs an upgrade to preserve it for continued community use and as a living example of the architecture from the historic time it was built in. We have recently completed the roof repair. We have recently replaced old carpeting in the sanctuary and three years ago a generous donor contributed to the completed repainting of the outside of this beautiful treasure, our Meeting House.


It now needs the twenty-plus year re-plaster inside of the building to help in the preservation of the building. Due to moisture, aging, vehicle vibration from the near road, and extreme temperature throughout the year, old plaster is falling from the ceiling and peeling on some walls.


We are continuing to put all unspecified donations toward this project and the goal of opening it safely to the public for all to enjoy. We will again be looking for and applying for available grant funds also for this project. If you have experience writing grants and want to help, contact us.


Donate Now!


We are a 100% volunteer organization and are always in need of more help. Be it for individual projects, or the board of trustees. 

We can also use, bakers, gardeners, artists, and folks who are curious about almost anything. You can help out at home, at the museum, at the fair, or at any of our programs/fundraisers. 

GHS consists of its membership, the elected officers voted by the members, and the board of trustees. There is no curator so the trustees act as historians and do most of the tasks necessary at the museum. 


If you are interested in volunteering please contact us today! We would love the help! 

*vouchers can be signed for any work hours completed. 


Contact us 


There are two types of membership for individuals, annual and lifetime. Reminder envelopes are usually sent out near the end of the calendar year. Please make checks out to the Guilford Historical Society. 


Annual membership fees for individuals are $10 per year and $20 for families. Any fee received before the annual meeting in October or before the fiscal end of the year, September 30th, counts towards that year. After the annual meeting, it counts for the following year. The fee must be paid in order to vote at the annual meeting. A lifetime membership costs $200. All membership fees help to preserve the buildings and artifacts in the care of the Historical Society as well as offset the minimal costs of supplies needed for attractive Museum displays.


To join the Guilford Historical Society fill out the form below. Checks can be mailed to 236 School Rd, Guilford, VT 05301 or payment can be made online through GiveButter. 


Membership Form

Minimum Annual Contribution for Membership

Individual $10 Family $20  Institutional Membership $50

Lifetime Membership $200 (One-time payment)